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KKE Group Companies supply and distribute products and services in almost all major international market.

Currently selling and serving in more than 40 countries across the globe.


KKE History

KKE was started by Wing Commander Ramesh Borikar in the year 1993 after he took premature retirement from the Indian Air Force. During his service in the Indian Air Force he was one of the few experts in MIGs and other fighter aircrafts in the Indian Air Force. He had also developed first Flight Simulator in the Indian Air Force. Wg.Cdr. Ramesh Borikar a pure technocrat was a consultant for few foundry projects before he embarked upon the designing and manufacturing of Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems.


First Automatic Car Wash was designed and manufactured in the year 1993. Being a Science as well as Engineering Graduate he has been the main leading force behind KKE's success.


KKE was one of the first few companies in the world to develop high pressure washing systems and integrating them on automatic car and truck wash systems.


Research and Development in one of the core strength of KKE and all KKE companies are always developing and quickly changing as per the customer requirements.


KKE has completed various projects with world's leading EPC companies.


K.K. Electronics, the name by which it was know formely is now taken over by KKE Wash Systems, the flagship company in 2009. KKE info media, KKE Direct and other new companies were started to take care of other product lines.